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Elite Rule of Law Organization

<p>Elite Rule of Law Organization (ERLO) was founded in 2019. ERLO is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established under the provisions of Afghan laws. ERLO dedicated and established to promote rule of law in Afghanistan by conducting and organizing Legal Training to enhance capacity building of Judiciary sectors and law faculties, legal research and legal writing to improve legal writing and legal research capacity of justice departments and law and sharia faculties of Afghanistan universities and public legal awareness campaigns and advocacy. Afghan Womens Network is the foundation for Afghan womens movement, which serves as a stable network for growth of those womens organizations they are active in the country. ERLO reinforce and strengthen the rule of law and access to justice in Afghanistan. Our aim is to design and develop capacity building programs for legal and judicial institutions, civil societies and young lawyers of Afghanistan. We also support to improve the academic capacities of the legal institutions, support to interpret and translate Afghanistan legal documents in compliance with international standards and Islamic beliefs and sustain the international exchange among legal experts and researchers. Likewise, the organization goal is to train experienced law professionals in legal research techniques and legal writing. Also, ERLO plans to conduct awareness programs about laws to inform Afghanistan citizen directly or indirectly about their rights and laws.</p>

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Afghanistan TB Patient Support Association

<p>About Afghanistan TB Patient Support Association (A-TB-PSA):</p> <p>A-TB-PSA is an Afghanistan TB Patient Support Association based in Kabul City, established in 2009 in coordination with the government (MoPH). A-TB-PSA was registered with Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan in October 2010 as a social, non-political, independent and non-profiting organization.</p> <p>A-TB-PSA registered with MoPH on date: 28/05/2019 (Reg. #: 622).</p> <p>All over the country, the Association has around 300 members mostly active in central and remote areas of Afghanistan. Those are working to eliminate the TB from Afghanistan and have a country free from the burden of TB. The association outlines the rights and responsibilities of people living with Tuberculosis (TB). It empowers people with the disease and their communities.</p> <p>The Patients’ Charter for Tuberculosis (the Charter) outlines the rights and responsibilities of people with Tuberculosis. It empowers people with the disease and their communities through knowledge of the disease. Initiated and developed by patients from around the world, the Charter makes the relationship with healthcare providers a mutually beneficial one.</p> <p>The association sets out the ways in which patients, communities, healthcare providers, both private and public, and governments can work together as partners in a positive and open relationship, to improve standards of TB care and enhance the effectiveness of the healthcare process.</p>

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DHSA/Rana1 School

<p>About DHSA/Rana High School:</p> <p>DHSA is an Afghan NGO established in 1992.<br /> The mission of DHSA is to promote a dynamic and capable civil society in Afghanistan by connecting local know-how with innovation. DHSA’s key areas of focus are independent media &amp; public communication, education and the celebration of cultural heritage.<br /> DHSA seeks to be self-sustainable, striving to create and manage projects, which generate their own incomes and reduce dependence on donors.<br /> TKG was created by DHSA in 2002 as a public media initiative dedicated to increasing public access to independent information in an effort to improve lives, to foster pluralism and give voices of reason and freedom in Afghanistan greater opportunities for expression. TKG operates ten local radio stations  (Radio Killid Network)</p>

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<p>Afghanistan’s infrastructure was largely destroyed during the Soviet invasion, civil conflicts after 1979, and poor maintenance since then. In more than 30 years of conflict virtually no development took place, leaving a huge infrastructure deficit. After 2002, Afghanistan planned to develop major infrastructure projects such as the national rail network, electrical systems whose demands are increasing by 25 per cent annually, national road networks, dams and airfields, all critical issues for Afghanistan.</p>

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Youth Movement & Sustainable Development Organization(YMSDO)

<p>Youth Movement for Sustainable Development Organization is newly born Organization which was established in 2017, with holding official permit form Ministry of Economics in year 2020. In the start years YMSDO worked in different sectors ie heath, education, environment agriculture, women empowerment, without holding license from Ministry of MOEC its legal status was permission letter from ministry of women affairs.  <br /> It is a fully afghan women owned non-profit Organization consist all ethic people living in Afghanistan, and is proudly presenting and raising the minority, distressed, needy, neglected, vulnerable people and poor layers of society   and is established to tackle down the raising problems facing the society focusing on Afghan women and youths and providing response to their needs.<br /> The members of this Organization are raised from afghan Societies representing different cultural, religious, linguistic, location and gender characteristics but with a close coordination and flexibility.<br /> One of the main elements that drive the Association towards achieving its goals is the self-confidence of members of the Organization for building the civic infrastructures, and as of yet we are going on, towards achieving our goals without any major bankroll, and one of our main incentive are the coordination of our beloved people who are tedious from the current ongoing situation in our country</p>

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Azimi Brothers Group of Companies

<p>From humble beginnings in 1943, today Azimi Brothers Group (ABG) is proudly recognized<br /> as one of Afghanistan’s largest conglomerates. Our diversified portfolio includes<br /> Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Retail, FMCG,<br /> Consulting, Exports, Tourism and Travel Services, and Global Logistics.<br /> In addition to our group headquarters in Kabul, and with major offices around the globe<br /> including China, Turkey, Germany, USA, and UAE, our 1300 professionals serve our clients<br /> across EMEA, APAC, and North America.</p>



<p style="text-align:justify;">The Ministry of Womens Affairs (MoWA) was established in 2001 under the Bonn Agreement. Until the third quarter of fiscal year 2020, as a government institution for advocacy and coordination, it was dedicated to plan, implement, and monitor programs within its strategic plan and national and international commitments. With the support of the leadership from the GoIRA, other governmental institutions, and non-governmental organizations, particularly, in the past five years, according to its “activities procedure”, it becomes a policy-making ministry and have brought significant changes in the life of Afghan women. </p> <p style="text-align:justify;">With the changes in the leadership of the ministry in 2020 and the commitment of the president of the GoIRA, it became an executive institution in addition to policy making. The initial steps to improve the quality and effectively address womens issues taken to improve its plans and organizational structure through evaluation and consultation with women, domestic and foreign elites considering social, economic, cultural, financial and political aspects. Based on the consultations, a Deputy for Women Economic Empowerment was established in the structure of the Ministry of Women Affairs.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Objectives of the Ministry</strong></p> <p style="text-align:justify;">The goal(s) of the Ministry of Womens Affairs (MoWA) are effectiveness and quality in all national and local programs, empowerment of women at national level through, participation, coordination, and evaluation for balanced and effective development with national values.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">Women Economic Empowerment-Rural Development Project (WEE-RDP) is a flagship national initiative of the GoIRA and part of the Sustainable Economy Growth pillar of MOWA, which intends to increase social and economic empowerment of rural poor women in selected communities during a five-year project. It would work in 5000 villages in all 34 provinces across Afghanistan in close collaboration with Citizen Charter (CC) and assuring convergence with other MoWA projects, NHLP project of MAIL, Access to Finance project (TUP) of World Bank, etc. The project will work closely work with Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and other stakeholders from financial sector to promote access to finance in selected rural areas.</p>

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Work Organization

<p>Work Organization (WO) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable charity and National organization established in 2020 to provide, Agriculture, Educational, Social and Humanitarian Assistance to needy people of Afghanistan. Also, special emphasis will be on the Agriculture, capacity building, the community development and the alleviation of poverty </p> <p>Important Note:</p> <p>Anyone employed by or working for Work Organization (WO) shall commit to act according to WO’s Code of Conduct, which outlines the expected behavior of WO teams. To ensure that funds are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes and in accordance with donors’ compliance requirements.</p>



<p>BBC Media Action is the independent international charity of the BBC which uses media to advance development worldwide. As part of one of the world’s leading media organisations, BBC Media Action is committed to improving the quality of people’s lives through the innovative use of media.</p> <p>BBC Media Actions’ work aims to: raise awareness among mass and opinion-former audiences, affect behaviour change, influence policy and transfer skills and knowledge.</p> <p>BBC Media Action delivers a portfolio of media projects in Afghanistan geared toward good governance, health, rights and democracy.</p>