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Afghan Technical Consultants

<p>Afghan Technical Consultants (ATC) is the first United Nations-sponsored humanitarian mine action NGO in the globe which was established by Mr. Kefayatullah Eblagh the current Director General-ATC, in 1989.</p> <p>ATC started the operation with 35 staff, and, in a period of fewer than two years, built up an organization that employed over 1,000 staff and carried out mine clearance operations in 6 provinces of Afghanistan with the satisfaction and full support of the stakeholders.</p> <p>With continuous efforts and invitation of the international experts’ attention to the problem of mines in Afghanistan through slide presentations of the field operation in different international conferences since April 1993 in Monstrous, Switzerland, ATC has convinced the experts to initiate protective tools and develop more efficient Mine Action equipment.</p> <p>So far, ATC has completed the clearance of more than eleven thousand minefields and former battle areas and delivered mine/explosive ordnance risk education to over 700,000 girls, boys, men, and women in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. Now, ATC invites qualified female candidates for the post of “Project Gender Focal Point” with the following criteria: </p>

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Management Studies Organization (MSO)

<p>The Management Studies Organization (MSO) is registered in the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan with the registration number 4693 in March 27, 2019. The overall goal of the MSO is to provide humanitarian and volunteer services for active contribution in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan through strengthening democracy, good governance, and social justice. In its current project; the MSO will implement an educational project in Herat Province (Districts of Karokh and Koshke Robat Sangi) as a local partner to Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), implementing the project “Reintegration of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons by Improving Education, Employment Opportunities and Peace Education, Afghanistan” that is the BMZ II Project.</p>

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Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians (COMAC)

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Danner Afghanistan for Women Empowerment

<p>DAWEO is a Local Organizations supporting Afghan Women though providing capacity building sessions. DAWEO was initially established as a local office of the Danish NGO Danner, who has worked with VAW survivors for more than 40 years through shelter activities and political policy work in Denmark. DAWEO’s overall mission is to support women and girls who are victims of war and other forms of violence, through providing services, capacity building initiatives, public awareness in psycho-social issues, spreading legal awareness and other services related to gender-based violence issues.</p>

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Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization

<p>Hand in Hand Afghanistan Organization (HIHAO) is a not-for-profit organization based in Afghanistan. It started operations in 2007. HIHAO is part of the international Hand in Hand (HiH) network of independent organizations, working together towards a shared vision to alleviate poverty through job creation. The overall Hand in Hand mission is to promote the economic and social empowerment of women, by supporting the creation of sustainable enterprises, improved livelihoods and jobs.</p> <p>HIHAOhas implemented projects funded by DFID, European Union, CAFOD, WFP, GIZ, USAID, WB, Danida, Sida, Hilti foundation and Hand in Hand International through its main office in Kabul and regional office in Mazar-e-Sharif.</p> <p>Hand in Hand Afghanistan is implementing the Creating Future Economic Prospects for Reintegration of Returnees and IDPs in Balkh province of Afghanistan through the Layers Poultry Value Chain and Creating economic opportunities for returnees and IDPs during COVID-19 Project from June 2021 to Dec 2022. The Project is funded through GIZ/SEDEP.</p>

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CTG-MDC (Mine Detection Center)

<p>As part of UNMAS’ effort to further support national NGOs on the difficult issue of humanitarian negotiations, UNMAS aims to provide five national NGOs with dedicated personnel trained on humanitarian principles and equipped with access negotiation skills.</p> <p>The HMA AO will be under the direct supervision of the designated National Demining NGO. The HMA AO will work with the national IPs to plan and execute access negotiations for specific projects, in addition to developing a broader access strategy for the MAPA and making progress towards a jointly developed access action plan in close consultation with UNMAS.</p> <p><strong>The aim of this position and this project is to:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Increase the chances of successful project delivery through the reduction in barriers in the most difficult and vulnerable areas of the country;</li> <li>Ensure National NGOs have a dedicated person who is trained and mentored on access negotiation and humanitarian principles;</li> <li>Develop a network of HMA access focal points that share information, trends, problems and solutions in a coordinated manner;</li> <li>Seek some intra- and inter-organisational consistency in approaches to negotiations;</li> <li>Enable a dedicated person to share the burden of decision making and negotiation.</li> </ul>

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Afghan Tarin Engineering Services Co. (ATES)

<p style="text-align:justify;">Afghan Tarin Engineering Services Co. (ATES) is one of most competitive and dynamic engineering services companies in Afghanistan, emerging as one of the leading private companies in the country. ATES is a fast-growing business comprised of highly qualified Afghan and international professionals.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">ATES has professional capability in the surveying, design, estimation, monitoring, and evaluation of engineering projects in the areas of water supply, sanitation, irrigation, agriculture, architecture, and road, bridge, dam, and airport, electrical engineering and telecommunications with underlying expertise in geology, geotechnics, and hydrogeology.</p>

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Afghan Post SOC

<p>Postal services in Afghanistan have a history of more than a century. These services were first laid in 1870 for the first time during the reign of Amir Shir Ali Khan, which witnessed significant ups and downs due to changes in the political, social and cultural spheres. In 1928, Afghanistan became a member of the World Postal Union and in 1968, a member of the Asia-Pacific Postal Union, in order to expand its postal relations and strengthen ties with the rest of the world.</p> <p>Recently, the post office of Afghan Post, according to the decree No. 2828 dated 10/22/1398, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Afghanistan as a state-owned company; To offer and develop traditional and modern postal services that meet the needs of customers and compete in the market nationally and internationally; The change of legal personality has manifested itself.</p> <p>The goals of the Afghan Post SOC include:<br /> • Providing postal services with credibility, acceptable and accessible to customers<br /> • Development of postal services<br /> • Launching lucrative digital services<br /> • Providing employment opportunities<br /> • Provide postal facilities to postal customers<br /> • Development of postal network in the country<br /> • Growing the quality of traditional and modern postal services<br /> • Compliance with global postal laws and standards<br /> • Adapting postal service quality standards<br /> • Expanding relations to governmental and non-governmental departments<br /> • Partnership and cooperation with the private postal sector</p> <p> </p>

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RONTIA Audit & Financial Services Company (RAFS)

<p>RONTIA is a mid-sized progressive auditing firm registered with Central Directorate of Centurial Business Registry &amp; Intellectual Property of the MINISTRY OF COMMERCE &amp; INDUSTRIES, Government of Afghanistan through Registration No. D-57962, alongside this RONTIA is registered with Afghanistan banking sector, Ministry of finances and with many other private Sector companies as an approved Audit and financial services company, and approved by Da Afghanistan Bank. We provide services in auditing &amp; financial, accounting &amp; book-keeping, business set-up, management consulting and HR &amp; Financial consulting for all type of profitable and non-profit Companies and organizations.</p>

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Arman Ice Cream Pvt.LTD

<p><strong>Arman ice cream production company established in 2008, Currently is one of the biggest ice cream production company in the country which has operation in all over the country.The company has owned franchised in the province and distributes packaged ice cream products to more than 150 retail outlets.</strong></p>