Kahkashani-e-Sharq Institute of Higher Education

موسسه تحصیلات عالی طبی چراغ

موسسه تحصیلات عالی طبی چراغ ، یک نهاد تحصیلی خصوصی طبی در کابل می باشد که از سال 1387 فعالیت های خویش را در بخش ارایه تحصیلات عالی طبی برای جوانان در فاکولته های طب معالجوی، ستوماتولوژی و فارمسی به پیش می برد. در بخش عرضه خدمات صحی، این موسسه دارای شفاخانه مجهز بوده و به طور 24 ساعت در خدمت مردم قرار دارد. این موسسه برای بهبود امورات مالی و محاسبه، به یک نفر مدیر محاسبه ضرورت دارد که تحت هدایت رییس عمومی موسسه امورات یومیه را انجام میدهد.

Cheragh Medical Higher Education Institute ( CMI )

Cheragh Medical Educational Institute is delighted that situation for enhancing of knowledge and education have been paved in the country after three debilitating decades of politics and system; and youth can prolong effective professional periods that will enhance capacities that is starting point of development.
Supporting private sector is the key of development and success in modern and active countries in the politics economics and social fields as Afghanistan current system conduct similar direction similar hopes are certainly arisen in our minds.
In fact supporting of private sectors system converts nation from passive state into active and researching state and give them new moral; to better live think and serve. Nation should regard current system and best use to their own and society benefit.
CMI has declared its existence by utilizing from paved situations and facilities. Cheragh Medical Educational Institute was first private institute to offer higher education of medicine and intended to present great medical services to its people.
CMI is intended to be prominent in the region and to be regarded as great achievement and proud of Afghanistan; therefor it needs support of current Islamic Republican Government of Afghanistan and its people and full support of International community.At final we consider it necessary to thank Islamic republican government of Afghanistan and its knowledge bearing people for their strong support from our services.

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