Afghan National Association For Adult Education (ANAFAE)

Afghan National Association For Adult Education (ANAFAE)

The Afghan National Association For Adult Education (ANAFAE) founded in September 2005 with the support of DVV International works to foster the development of local Adult and Community Learning Centres promotes education strategies and programs for disadvantages groups young adults with a particular focus on literacy basic education education for employability and lifelong learning.

Women in Afghanistan experienced tremendous burden throughout the last decades of conflicts. Their education is traditionally neglected. In many rural areas only about eight percent of the women are literate.

In the literacy programmes of ANAFAE and its partner DVV International female participants learn reading writing and numeracy reflect on their role in the family and community deal with health and hygiene topics and develop ideas for their own economic activities. These literacy programs have a direct and positive effect on personal development on family health and on school attendance of children they empower women who suffered most or support the reintegration of returnees and IDPs.

First Lady Bibi Gul awarded the national UNESCO Literacy Prize to ANAFAE in 2016 for its innovative engagement. 

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