The project will increase agricultural productivity in the Panj-Amu River Basin through improving access and use of water at farm, scheme and river levels.  Objectives will be achieved through three outputs:

Output 1 (managed by MEW) - Water allocation and availability improved: works at main canal level; setting-up and strengthening water user associations (WUAs); building the capacity of MEW, River Basin Agency (RBA) and Sub-basin Agencies (SBAs).
Output 2 (managed by MAIL) - Command areas enhanced: secondary and tertiary canal works; setting-up and strengthening irrigation associations (IAs); improving on-farm water management and agronomic techniques.
Output 3 (managed by MAIL) - Watersheds properly managed and protected: restoration and protection of watershed and/or rangeland sites including creation of catchment management associations.

For further details see https://www.adb.org/projects/documents/afg-panj-amu-river-basin-sector-project-rrp

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