Davis Management Group

The Davis Management Group, a small, minority-owned US small business, is seeking Trade Show Coordinator to serve as a consultant to the Trade Show Support (TSS) team.  Qualified Afghan nationals are invited to express interest in the role.


The objective of the TSS activity, funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is to increase income for Afghan businesses and generate new jobs, through increased exports of Afghan products. The purpose of the TSS activity is to:


Organize, support, and facilitate trade shows, business events, exhibitions or other fora where Afghan businesses can interact with potential buyers and importers; and
Provide capacity building to Afghan business and trade associations (such as the Afghanistan Exporters Club) so that they can independently organize and facilitate export events and represent their members more effectively.


We are seeking a dynamic, responsive, proactive, diligent and experienced business, logistics and/or trade show planner based in Afghanistan. The TSC will support the team in all aspects of event coordination, and most particularly in identifying, preparing and assisting Afghan businesses to participate in TSS trade shows. The Davis Management Group may choose to engage up to two LTSCs.

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