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The Afghan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Cooperation (AUWSSC) is a governmental institution responsible for the provision of water services and the establishment of a sewage system in urban and semi urban areas in cooperation with the government, partner organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGO), and donors.
Wastewater Department (WWD) has been established within the framework of AUWSSC since few years ago, to provide services related to collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater from commercial, industrial and residential areas. Since few years have started survey and design of decentralized wastewater treatment plant (DEWATS) and Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTP) projects in governmental and privet organizations and it is going on.

Based on the 5-year strategic plan and AUWSSCs vision; establishment of centralized and decentralized sewage treatment system in the major cities of Afghanistan, AUWSSC WWD is preparing Sewerage Master Plan for Herat city and as well as other 5 major cities of the country, in this process there is a need to create a Master Plan team within AUWSSC wastewater department to follow-up the mentioned sewerage master plans preparing process.
The new employees are planned to perform the mentioned duty in this assignment.
Beside the specific duties, the employees will receive regular capacity building through trainings, workshops and working groups in cooperation with the GIZ (German International Cooperation) consultant.

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