Haris &Yasir Group of Companies (HYS)

Haris &Yasir Group of Companies (HYS)

Haris &Yasir Group of Companies (HYS) is a temporary and permanent placement personnel agency working solely with skilled, professional workers. HYS was founded on Oct 2014 to accommodate the wide range of Construction/ Logistic and Human Recourse requirements in Afghanistan, military, administrative, Infrastructure and Industrial to residential sectors.

HYS has qualified staffs, who specialized in the full range of engineering, logistics and human resources services including project design, budget projection, construction planning, and process of planning, executing, and controlling the efficient, effective, flow and storage of goods and services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirement and execution of many different types of projects, as well as HYS has completed various projects with other companies national and international funded by Government, US embassy and other international communities.

Introduction to HYS/ Coupon Distribution Project:

Coupon distribution to the families of security personnel who lost their lives in fighting against militant groups in capital and other provinces of Afghanistan by support NPA saved budget of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The program aims to assist the families of the martyred security forces, each eligible family of the martyred security personnel would receive the coupon after completion of biometric process.

Primary Role:

The Distribution officer will be responsible for coordinating the storage, transportation and delivery of goods. She/he will be responsible to organize the safe and efficient storage and distribution of goods, and to ensure that packages are distributed correctly. Distribution Officers Plan and schedule deliveries on time with having company top management include Project Manager Approval.

The distribution Officers ensuring that deliveries are carried out in a transparent manner that all deliveries both food and Non-Food items are loaded and unloaded in transparent manner.

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