This training presents a unique opportunity enabling to use technologies of laboratory and diagnostics Program by Health Protection & Research Organization (HPRO). The candidates represent an important role within a practical medical laboratory environment, working toward improvement of health in Afghanistan.  The candidates will be responsible to attend the course in full and able to work and use her skills to serve the people of Afghanistan.


About HPRO:

The Health Protection and Research Organisation (HPRO) is a national non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with Ministries of Economy, Women’s Affairs and Public Health, of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is comprised of professionals with specialisations in research evaluation and institutional building.

The organisation was established in 2008 with the specific aim of assisting the government of Afghanistan and its partners by conducting research and evaluation designed to inform policy makers, program managers and practitioners for the purpose of improving program implementation that can ultimately ensure overall development of Afghanistan and the wider region.


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