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ICMA (the International City/County Management Association) is a premier local government leadership and management organization founded in 1914. Its mission is to create excellence in local governance by advocating and developing the professional management of local government worldwide.
ICMA provides technical assistance to local governments in emerging democracies, helping them to develop professional practices and ethical, transparent governments. ICMA performs a wide range of grant and contract funded work both in the U.S. and globally, which is supported by federal government agencies, foundations, and corporations.
The goal of CBCMP-II is to strengthen the human and institutional capacity of MAIL and the DAILs to effectively deliver agricultural public services to farmers and herders. This includes strengthening the linkages between MAIL and DAILs. The program will focus on key Directorates and 20 DAILs and 50 District Offices.
Objective I: Prioritize and strengthen support functions in MAIL’s directorates of Finance and Accounting, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Procurement and Contracts, Administration and Human Resources that are most important to MAIL performing its core mandate and effectively supporting research and extension services. Develop and execute a plan for sustaining these capacity building gains.
Objective II: Strengthen Provincial DAILs’ capacity to prioritize, plan, program, budget, secure approval and resources to support extension services rendered by provincial DAILS and District Agriculture Offices (DAOs), and to comply with program and financial reporting requirements for MAIL.
Objective III: Prioritize and deepen capacity building of Directorates essential to MAIL’s capacity to carry out Extension, Research and Irrigation services and compliment the work being done by AAEP-I on developing clear guidelines for cooperation and collaboration.
Objective IV: Assist MAIL to transition its long-term capacity building program to the World Bank funded Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program.
Objective V: Strengthen MAIL’s capacity to coordinate activities of USAID funded programs like the Regional Agriculture Development Programs (RADPs) to improve agricultural production and productivity and to regenerate Afghan agriculture businesses
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