Livelihoods Economic and Agriculture Development..

Livelihoods Economic and Agriculture Development Organization

Since 2008, Livelihoods, Economic and Agriculture Development Organization (LEADO) has provided services and assistance to the most vulnerable and needy communities and farmers in different provinces and districts of Afghanistan. During working time in the target areas LEADO has brought hope and optimism to poor communities through provision of basic services, agriculture and economic opportunities. LEADO has provided support in different sectors including agriculture, education, capacity building and community empowerment. With a strong focus on community participation and involvement approach, LEADO has a participatory planning process with a mission to strengthen and improve the lives of the poor, with the ultimate goal of poverty reduction, community empowerment and bringing peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

The Government of Afghanistan through the MAIL is promoting smallholder production in Afghanistan as part of the global strategy for poverty alleviation and food security of local population and especially disadvantaged groups and less-favored areas. In order to contribute to production and productivity NHLP focuses on Fishery and Fishery production. The predominant fishery system in Afghanistan is still the scavenger type family and village-based production with indigenous chickens scavenging for feed supply. This fishery system is gradually being transformed into a semi-scavenger system, and from there into semi-commercial and commercial fishery production systems.

Fish Farming project of NHLP is designed to meet the requirements for the establishment of good Fish Farming practices in various parts of Afghanistan. The main economic significance of the proposed project is to set up a viable fish farming industry in Afghanistan, support its contribution towards narrowing down the fish demand-supply deficit in Afghanistan and the supply of proteins and micronutrients for its population, at large. This project aims specifically at table size fish, fingerlings and will boost the domestic fish supply in the country.

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