Ministry of communication and IT- Post directorate

Ministry of communication and IT- Post directorate

The vision of Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) for Afghanistan is a thriving the digital economy and information society powered by knowledge and the innovative use of information and communication technologies to strengthen our country’s economy, improve public services, increase productivity, create jobs, and improve the lives of all Afghans.


To provide ease of access to a reliable and cost effective ICT infrastructure and quality e-service delivery. Promote sustainable development of the country’s ICT sector.  Improve ICT services and make available the latest technological innovations. Meet the public expectations for ICT and as a whole contribute to the socio-economic development and transformation of the existing economy into a digital economy.


The goals and mandate set for MCIT for the upcoming 5 years are:

To provide strategic leadership and supervision in ICT, Information and National Guidance for sustainable development;  
To develop an inclusive knowledge based society via provision of high quality broadband services throughout the country;  
To provide guidance and strategic direction on access to public information, postal service, telecommunication, information and  communication technology and digital media;
To transform the existing manual, time-consuming and costly government procedures into more efficient electronic processes;
To facilitate the private sector development and attraction through provision of required government based services and support for ensuring their inclusion in digital economy;  
Facilitate digital connectivity, Internet and cost-effective access to information and communications infrastructure and services throughout the country; 
Promote the utilization of ICT as a cross-cutting issue in all sectors, to enhance the accelerated socio-economic growth and development through dissemination of public information and provision of innovative information and communication technologies;
Formulate and implement policies of postal public services, electronic public services, and information technology and communication technology;
To guide, deliver and supervise the information services, new technology, communication and postal services to Government ministries and departments, both locally and externally;
Facilitate and reduce the administrative burdens to attract investments, both domestic and foreign and promote the creation of jobs;

Facilitate and lower down the administrative burdens to attract investments, both domestic and foreign to promote creation of jobs.

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