NAAB Construction and Logistics Services founded in 2011 by professionals, is a seasoned, established supply chain organization. The company’s 3 distinct divisions focus on consulting, outsourced contract services and technology. NAAB is an Afghanistan based company, owned by its managers and managed by its owners.

As energy prices continue their exponential rise in cost, the need for high quality assistance in planning, organizing, implementing, influencing and controlling new supply chain concepts utilizing technology is accelerating. Our business is based on the economic premise that our customers can obtain single source, expert supply chain advice, services and modern technology at reasonable prices.

Our contract services division (Business Process Outsourcing) is a natural outgrowth of our supply chain consulting role.

We have found that clients opt to hire an organization with domain expertise and outsource certain processes on a on a permanent or temporary basis.

NAAB has taken a customized, single sourced approach to its services by offering companies a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those services that are most beneficial for their companies.

Finally, although we recommend best practices, NAAB does not dictate how our products and Services will be implemented, but would rather customize them to fit the customer’s business.

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