URBAN LEAD Services is a private Afghan operating management, consultancy and training firm registered with the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Its ambition is to strengthen and develop human and institutional capacity, ensure on-time and quality services to government, international organization, and private sector. URBAN LEAD promote and enhance the human capabilities and provide opportunities under the holistic approach of Human Development.

It is a private firm that carries out management of the projects, manage human resources, provides trainings, Monitoring and Evaluation services, conduct audit and surveys, and also has the translation services. The URBAN LEAD has the expertise to provide efficient and timely services to strengthening organizations, projects and programs. URBAN LEAD has the capacity to facilitate and manage consultants and advisors to the NGOs, public sector as well as to a private sector companies.

Gender equality, Climate Change and value chains remain high on the agenda of Urban Lead services. This means connecting villages to urban areas to have sustainable human development.

Relation: URBAN LEAD
Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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