Zardozi-Markets for Afghan Artisans

Zardozi is a national NGO with a mission to enable low income, uneducated women to achieve economic empowerment and thus strengthen the role of women in the economy and in political and civic life. Over the past decade, through its Markets for Afghan Artisans (MFAA) programme, Zardozi has developed an unequalled understanding of how to make inclusive economic growth for women a reality in one of the world’s most challenging environments. By the end of 2015 Zardozi will have increased the income of 3,500 women and created 6,000 long-term work opportunities in a range of sectors in four urban and semi-urban areas in Afghanistan. Most clients[1] have found paid work opportunities for the first time through the programme; on average, clients have experienced a fourfold increase in incomes.   

[1] Programme beneficiaries are referred to as clients
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