Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO) موسسه باور به..

Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO) موسسه باور به حقوق مساوی Products

Equal Rights Trust Organization (ERTO): 

ERTO is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization registration No: 4957 in the ministry of economy Islamic republic of Afghanistan, support equality & promoting equality to sustainable development in Afghanistan and other deserving countries through promoting the ability of local communities to decide upon and manage their own development process. The organization personnel around 200 professional staff they have minimum BSc degree with around minimum 4 years relevant experience. Core thematic areas are:

  1. Emergency response during emergency situation (shelter, protection, health, food, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene).
  2. Natural Resource Management; Small Scale Enterprise development only for women.
  3. Agriculture irrigation system facilities providing for their development.
  4. Social services through big and small workshops.
  5. Social services for better urban development.
  6.  Expert staff for municipalities technical support in Afghanistan (properties technical survey and data collection) training for usage the collected data for their different goals and raising municipalities revenue to manage better urban development.


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