Afghan Community Research & Empowerment Organization for Development (ACREOD) is a non-profitable organization that has been working in Afghanistan since 2010.  ACREOD constitution set 4 priority areas of work for the organization: 1) Enhancing people’s approachability to their basic needs of justice, health and education. 2) Supporting Civil Society Organizations for positive changes in organizational performances, program and service delivery procedures. 3) Introducing feasible, effective and efficient innovative interventions ultimately supporting community development and, 4) Enhancing the knowledge and skills of professional and common afghan’s in their community economic development. Under the priority area 3, ACREOD plans to expand its’ projects, which using technology and provide IT support to partner CSOs in 2019. In 2016-17, ACREOD implemented eCompliance project that aimed to improve TB treatment outcome using community empowerment and eCompliance suite technology in TB control program of Afghanistan.

Relation: ACREOD
Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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