Action on Climate Today

Action on Climate Today is a five-year programme that works closely with governments (Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan) to develop strategies to combat the impact of climate change. Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), ACT began in 2015 with the aim to help partner countries integrate climate change into their policies, plan and budgets. We provide active support in the following fields.

Support the design and delivery of climate resilience.
Promote investments for climate compatible development.
Build the climate change knowledge of decision makers.
Attract further climate change investment from the public and private sector.

ACT believes that only a collective effort will help us solve one of the biggest problems facing humanity. ACT’s Long Range Planning Exercise (LRPE) identified the management and access of climate finance for supporting adaptation as one of the workstreams for ACT in Afghanistan. Limited financial resources undermines Afghanistan’s ability to implement adaptation projects and fulfil its development objectives. Engaging with opportunities to attract climate finance is vital. ACT’s approach to enable Afghanistan to access climate finance based on activities that enhance climate finance readiness.

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Location: Kabul City
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