About AMIP:

A consortium consisting of The Liaison Office (TLO) and the Organization for Policy Research and Development Studies (DROPS) have been working with the EU Afghanistan Peace Support Mechanism (EU APSM) to develop and establish a transfer mechanism to enable a more inclusive peace process in Afghanistan – the Afghanistan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP).

AMIP is a technical mechanism to make the peace process and the peace in Afghanistan significantly more inclusive. It will act as an interface that bridges the track I negotiations and the rest of the Afghan population (civil society and grassroots), by helping to manage the inclusion aspects of the peace process in a structured, systematic, and non-partisan manner.  AMIP would make sure that critical information and public sentiment analysis on important issues are transferred to the track I negotiators, enabling track II and III and other socio-political cleavages to have their voices heard in the negotiation room. The mechanism will also act as a feedback loop to provide information about the negotiations to the public. This will also make the peace process more accessible and understandable to the wider Afghan population.


Afghanistan Democracy and Development Organization (ADDO) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Economy in NGO Affairs Department, Government of Afghanistan with the number of 3066. The Organization aims to promote democracy values, peace and human rights through building the capacity of civil society, conduct research, advocacy and represent a better Afghanistan in the world. ADDO is working with policymakers, CSOs, women groups, youths groups, and children to improve the ongoing peace process, democracy, and development conditions in both rural and urban areas of Afghanistan through conducting training,  research, legislation monitoring, advocacy, capacity building, protection of refugees rights and integration, protection of the environment,  awareness-raising, campaign, and networking. The organization is uniquely formed to work for the strengthening of civil society and promote democratic values through education, research, and advocacy in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Democracy and Development Organization (ADDO) is seeking to hire a competent candidate based on the criteria described below for the position of Regional Officer, who will be working in  Bamyan and Daikudi provinces covering the Central Zone.

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