Afghan Technical Consultants

<p>Afghan Technical Consultants (ATC) is the first United Nations-sponsored humanitarian mine action NGO in the globe which was established by Mr. Kefayatullah Eblagh the current Director General-ATC, in 1989.</p> <p>ATC started the operation with 35 staff, and, in a period of fewer than two years, built up an organization that employed over 1,000 staff and carried out mine clearance operations in 6 provinces of Afghanistan with the satisfaction and full support of the stakeholders.</p> <p>With continuous efforts and invitation of the international experts’ attention to the problem of mines in Afghanistan through slide presentations of the field operation in different international conferences since April 1993 in Monstrous, Switzerland, ATC has convinced the experts to initiate protective tools and develop more efficient Mine Action equipment.</p> <p>So far, ATC has completed the clearance of more than eleven thousand minefields and former battle areas and delivered mine/explosive ordnance risk education to over 700,000 girls, boys, men, and women in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. Now, ATC invites qualified female candidates for the post of “Project Gender Focal Point” with the following criteria: </p>