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Afghan Wireless is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company. When we began operations in 2002 we founded Afghanistan’s mobile communications industry by being the first enterprise to offer cell phone service to Afghan consumers and businesses. For well over a decade Afghan Wireless has driven the rapid growth of our nation’s communications market through its innovative development and deployment of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications Internet Data and Mobile Payments Services. More than 6 000 people work for Afghan Wireless and our Company is directly responsible for the creation of 100 000 jobs throughout Afghanistan.

Our Company was founded in 2002 by Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat the renown Afghan business leader and the Chairman of The Bayat Group ( Afghanistan’s most prominent diversified services company comprising Media and Telecommunications (Afghan Wireless Ariana TV and Radio) Energy (Bayat Energy) Construction Security and Logistics Enterprises.

Afghan Wireless is a joint venture between the Bayat Group (80%) and Afghan Ministry of Communications (20%). Together The Bayat Group and The Government of Afghanistan have championed the growth and success of Afghanistan’s telecommunications industry.

Offering The Fastest Network With True Nationwide Coverage:

Today Afghan Wireless delivers rapid reliable and robust HD Voice 2G High-Speed 3G and 3.75G+ Data Internet and My Money ™ Mobile Payment Services to 5 000 000 Business and Consumer clients located in all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

Afghan Wireless is the only wireless company that provides service to every province in Afghanistan. We’ve invested over $400 000 000 to develop Afghanistan’s most resilient and fail-safe wireless communications network. Our system of 1027 base stations and additional transmission capacity ensures that our network is always available—even in the remotest areas of Afghanistan.

Connecting Afghanistan to the World:

Our strategic partnerships with 425 wireless carriers in 125 countries gives Afghan Wireless the global scale—and success—to fulfill our motto and our mission: Connecting Afghanistan to the people opportunities and ideas that keep our clients—and our country—moving forward.

My Money ™: Mobile Payments Promoting Progress:

My Money™ is Afghan Wireless mobile payments service. My Money connects our customers to the people products and services which help them live better lives. Accessing the My Money service via their Afghan Wireless mobile devices our clients can use My Money to top-up their AWCC mobile accounts send and receive funds as well as pay for goods and services.

Over 90% of Afghans can access AWCC’s My Money service because the Afghan Wireless network provides coverage throughout all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Our My Money service will continue its rapid expansion as mobile payments—with Afghan Wireless leading the way—become an increasingly vital part of our country’s economic development.

Afghan Wireless and The Bayat Group: Building a Better Afghanistan:

Afghan Wireless and The Bayat Group are committed to helping our fellow Afghans develop the skills that are critical to building a modern economy and a prosperous Afghanistan. 99% of our employees are Afghan citizens. We provide our employees with opportunities earn their college degree and to engage in professional development training. Afghan Wireless has established partnerships with Afghanistan’s leading Universities and Technical Institutes. Afghan Wireless also provides scholarships to all of our employees who are enrolled in accredited educational and professional development programs.

The Bayat Foundation: A Powerful Force For Afghan Economic and Social Development:

Afghan Wireless is a proud supporter of The Bayat Foundation ( the non-profit charitable organization established by our Founder Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat. Since 2005 The Bayat Foundation has sponsored over 300 Health Education and Social Development projects. The Foundation’s initiatives include emergency food distribution the construction of wells educational and healthcare facilities including the development of 13 Maternity Hospitals which have provided healthcare to over 1 500 000 mothers and children. The Foundation also sponsors programs and events which promote entrepreneurship social justice strong families and cultural preservation.

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Address:. Afghan Wireless Communications Company Corporate Office Khuja Mullah Near Hajari Najari Bus Station Darul Aman Road
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AWCC is the first and biggest GSM Operator of Afghanistan. For more info please visit:

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