Afghanistan Photographers Association

Afghanistan Photographers Association (APA) is a cultural and educational association. Its activities are non-profit/non-political, and support all national and international photographers throughout Afghanistan, as well as Afghan photographers abroad. The Association is registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Culture and Information, and its goals are to advocate, train, and promote photographers and photography within and outside of Afghanistan.

Its objectives are:

  • To support rights of Afghan photographers domestically and internationally, as well as those of foreign photographers working in Afghanistan.
  • To promote photography among the general Afghan public.
  • To raise the artistic, cultural, and technological standards of Afghan photographers, by providing educational, research, exhibitory and publication opportunities.
  • To protect material and intellectual property rights of photographers, with support from law enforcement agencies.
  • Expand relationships between Afghan and international photographers, within the legal framework of the country.
  • To conserve and protect existing materials and artifacts related to the photographic history of Afghanistan.
  • To exhibit and promote work of Afghan photographers, both nationally and abroad.
  • To provide financial assistance in support of qualified photographic projects.
  • To inform and educate Afghan photographers about copyright law, and to lobby for its support and enforcement in Afghanistan


Relation: Afghanistan Photographers Association
Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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