Afghanistan Youth national and social organization

Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization

The Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization (AYNSO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established by young adults and registered on 10 March, 2008 in Afghanistan. AYNSO strives to create a youth democratic society where all young people particularly disadvantaged and at-risk are valued without any discrimination as the most promising resource available to meet personal and societal needs. Founded in 2008, AYNSO is a legally registered with Ministry of Economy as non-profit organization operating in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. AYNSO is dedicated to address the social, civil and democratic needs, issues, and problems of youth and women, and shape their social & economic development through advocacy, rights awareness, networking and capacity building programs throughout Afghanistan. AYNSO addresses issues thematically associated with practicing real democracy, human rights, access to justice and civic rights and peace-building in Afghanistan. AYNSO responds to policy gaps, policy/law diversions and policy reforms through advocacy initiatives, as well as the practical engagement of citizens through social accountability initiatives.

Job Summery

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and close coordination with DRC team in Nangarhar, The Market Specialist will be responsible for conducting local market assessments, identification and facilitation to viable business strategies and marketing methods, identification of viable businesses, facilitate business development opportunities of the trainees, facilitate business development trainings in the respective communities, and support the team leader in all the required marketing related activities in the field. He will also be responsible for preparing interval reports, assessment reports and managing the project team activities in the province.

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