Al Farhad Hospital Kandahar

<p>Al-Farhad Hospital is located in heart of Kandahar City, Shahidan Chawk, Herat Darwaza and we have the honor to be the first private hospital in southern Afghanistan.</p> <p>Our hospital has set the standard for comprehensive health care in Kandahar Afghanistan. Our dedicated staff and advanced facilities have earned the hospital great reputation as a leading medical institution hospital in southern region of Afghanistan.</p> <p>Patients benefit from expertise of our entire team of medical professionals. Our medical professionals are committed to providing patients with health care. In July 2014 &amp; in Aug 2015 our hospital was awarded by director of MoPH (Dr. Qayum Pukhla) and Governor of Kandahar (Dr. Turyalai Wisa) to be the best hospital in Kandahar.</p>