• The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) was founded in 2007 as public-private partnership. Its primary objective was to develop the post-conflict economy in Afghanistan; therefore, ATVI began its operations with an investment by a private company and a donation of land by Ministry of Education. ATVI is a coeducational, post-secondary technical vocational institute fully staffed and managed by Afghan administrators and education professionals. It offers quality education and practical skills for young Afghan women and men. Aiming at developing the post war economy of Afghanistan, ATVI begun its operations with a fund invested by a private funding and a donation of land by Ministry of Education. • The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) exemplifies a management structure that builds on the strengths of the public, private and an independent governance board. As an Afghan public institution with private management and governed by Board of Trustees, ATVI leverages the private sector linkages to identify employment trends and graduate’s students with skills tailored to workforce restructuring. This interface and engagement of the private sector in establishing a collaborative relationship with ATVI has been a key component in the Institute’s success in placing ATVI s graduates in jobs.• Practical action development organization (PADO) is a non-profit, non-political voluntary development organization. PADO is committed to implement development programs for the poorer section of community with particular focus to address the various field (Vocational Training, health, education, information technology and other developmental areas…) and working for the needy people of country to bring a positive change in their livelihood and provide volunteer and humanitarian services. Its programs specially targeted to ensure its support to establish rights of the children to remove social injustice and bring a society free from discriminations.Project Description • Over all objectives of the project is to increase national and international employment opportunities for Afghans. The project (Skills Development in Nangarhar Province) support activities to address the special needs of specific groups, including IDPs, returnees, young people, and women. SD in Nangarhar province enables 600 male and female individuals from the targeted community to have honorable income source to earn basic needs of livelihood through vocational training skills
Relation: ATVI/PADO
Location: Kabul City
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