<p>Afghan Winner Logistics, Services, Construction, Consultancy (AWLSCC) is an Afghanistan-based company offering specialized administrative support functions to the Government Institutions, UN Agencies and International Aid Organizations in the fields of Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Procurement &amp; Logistics, Software Development, Construction and Capacity Building.</p> <p>The company started operations in Afghanistan in 2010, upon registration with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), the leading agency permitting national and international firms to retain funds from donors against the provision of specialized services in Afghanistan. The company offered a wide range of services in various fields of competencies to a number of clients in the Government, International Aid Agencies, INGOs.</p> <p>Afghan Winner is committed to make every effort for excellence at all levels to ensure reliable, timely, efficient and cost-effective services to the clients. Afghan Winner take pride in its reputation as a reliable supplier in the markets by the virtue of providing quality services to its clients. Satisfaction is our Core Value by Provision of the Best Services.</p>