Brada International

Who We Are?\r\nThe first adventure of company started in 1964 in Konya Turkey.\r\nWe never compromise the safety and quality of our products by producing high-quality products in line with our laws and business ethics principles.\r\nWhile we are growing our company we are not just making plans for today. We aim to protect the environment and humanity by creating a positive social impact in order to offer healthy and safe food products to the generations of tomorrow.\r\nWith the fact that we are part of the human-nature whole; We continue to produce sustainable products with our collaborators that protect the environment and natural resources.\r\nWe supply the raw materials we use in our products to protect the world´s resources. We treat people fairly and respect their rights. For this reason we create benefits for our employees suppliers and society. We produce added value for our country by doing useful works and proudly represent our country which is a part of the developing and changing world.\r\n\r\nWhat We Do?\r\nWe combined the pure blessings of nature with the possibilities of technology limited to dreams for happy and healthy faces only.\r\nWe have products almost all kind of cereals especially; corn wheat barley and soy for more than 50 years.