CTG-MDC (Mine Detection Center)

<p>As part of UNMAS’ effort to further support national NGOs on the difficult issue of humanitarian negotiations, UNMAS aims to provide five national NGOs with dedicated personnel trained on humanitarian principles and equipped with access negotiation skills.</p> <p>The HMA AO will be under the direct supervision of the designated National Demining NGO. The HMA AO will work with the national IPs to plan and execute access negotiations for specific projects, in addition to developing a broader access strategy for the MAPA and making progress towards a jointly developed access action plan in close consultation with UNMAS.</p> <p><strong>The aim of this position and this project is to:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Increase the chances of successful project delivery through the reduction in barriers in the most difficult and vulnerable areas of the country;</li> <li>Ensure National NGOs have a dedicated person who is trained and mentored on access negotiation and humanitarian principles;</li> <li>Develop a network of HMA access focal points that share information, trends, problems and solutions in a coordinated manner;</li> <li>Seek some intra- and inter-organisational consistency in approaches to negotiations;</li> <li>Enable a dedicated person to share the burden of decision making and negotiation.</li> </ul>