About the Organization:\r\nThe Non-governmental Non-political and Non-profitable Darnika Development and Service Organization (DDSO) established in 23/11/2016 and registered with the ministry of economy and commerce This Local NGO was formed based on the needs and will of the community elders in a view to deal with the then socio-economic problems in different areas of Afghanistan.The main philosophy of work is to bring community elders and representatives on a common platform to share ideas and act collectively and go parallel and in line with policies and mandates of central government and international community and donors in Afghanistan. We are obliged to focus on South-west but have freedom to work at national level as well. In reality local community owns DDSO and we are reporting to them in form of our annual General Meeting.\r\n. Thematic Core Areas of Work: \r\nA. Home-based Micro Enterprise and Livelihood \r\nB. Agriculture/Irrigation/livestock \r\nC. Education: community-based \r\nD. Health Water and Sanitation- WATSAN \r\nE. Relief and Aid Coordination\r\nF. Poultry\r\n