Eetemad Hospital (EH)

<p>The Etemad Hospital is a private hospital providing quality and standard hospital services. Holding the license of MoPH Afghanistan this hospital is providing curative services as well as diagnostics through professional staff, standard equipment in a convenient environment. Currently the hospital provides 20 bedded inpatient care for children and adults, including surgery, Internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology services. Moreover, this hospital is providing a 24 hour services of OPD for children and adults, emergency care, intensive care unit (ICU) services for infants and adults, radiology, physiotherapy, vaccinations, pharmacy, laboratory and ambulance services. </p> <p>This hospital aims to provide compassionate, high quality, accessible and cost effective services to the population of Afghanistan. Considering the exigent needs of Afghans for specialized health care services this hospital plans to extend its services as a complex hospital having more focus on maternity, newborns care and diabetic patients.</p>