Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic

Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic (FFHC) is a nongovernmental, non-political, non-for-profit clinic founded in 2008. Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic is registered with the Ministry of Public Health and provides health services through the following sections:
Reception sections with patient’s registration database and patient’s file system services, Nursing services, Emergency services, Pediatric OPD, Family medicine  OPDs, Internal medicine  OPDs, Obgyn OPD, TB Section, Pharmacy section, Vaccines services and a very well equipped Laboratory.
FFHC provides free health services for Ante natal care, Postnatal care, Neonatal care Family planning, War victims , TB case detection and treatment, vaccines and provides free of Charge(charitable) services to the poor people of the community.

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