Goldozi (Dari for embroidery) is a four-year USAID-funded project, implemented by FHI 360, that will upgrade the skills of and access-to-market information for 500 sales agents and enhance the technical skills of 15,000 women embroiderers in and around Kabul. The goal is to create jobs or enhance existing jobs by increasing the commercial potential of embroidered products. Goldozi aims to address the following over the life of the Project:

  • Create a class of trained and certified sales agents who are equipped with market-readiness skills and access-to-market insights; connect them to embroiderers and other actors along the value chain – from input suppliers to retail and export markets; and build and promote a strong brand that advertises the authenticity and ethical production of Afghan embroidered products.
  • Build the capacity of sales agents in (1) basic business and financial management, (2) sales strategies, (3), market intelligence and access, and (4) leadership and networking, and the technical skills of women embroiderers (WEs) to improve quality and productivity levels.
  • Establish a brand, market brand identities for Goldozi-supported embroidery products, and foster strategic market linkages to support trade promotion and increased market access of Afghan hand-embroidered products.
  • Strengthen the viability of sales agent jobs in the value chain and increase incomes of women embroiderers (WEs).  
  • Collaborate with private and public-sector stakeholders, the NGO community, and supporting institutions to support the hand-embroidered products value chain over the life of the Project and maintain sustainable partnerships after the Project ends.
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