GIZ- ZFD/CPS Office-Afghanistan

<p>The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH is a German government-owned organization, which implements development programms in over 130 countries worldwide on behalf of the BMZ/German government. GIZ is involved in the Civil Peace Service (CPS) programm in 20 countries with more than 100 international experts and a similar number of local specialists. Together these experts support local non-governmental organizations and initiatives, state agencies and local authorities as well as national programms and institutions. Their work focuses on changing attitudes, behaviors and structures on a long-term basis.</p> <p> <br /> The GIZ Civil Peace Service (CPS) has implemented its programm “Afghan Youth for Peace” (Social Integration of youth IDPs) in Afghanistan since 2014. The programm is cooperating with local NGOs in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif (Province Balkh). The main goal is to improve and increase the active participation of youth in finding solutions to local conflicts in their communities, but also to overcome inter-ethnic tensions e.g. through taking part in dialogues with elder councils. The measure is based on a combination of activities implemented with both individuals and communities. Methodologically the activities are based upon peace-relevant „Life &amp; Leadership Skills “, which are developed e.g. through facilitated activities as football.</p> <p>Due to the security situation, the international personnel (including CPS) had to be evacuated from Afghanistan in early 2017. Despite the evacuation, a limited number of international GIZ staff is allowed to work periodically in Afghanistan. However, due to safety standards, the secondment of development advisors in partner organizations is not possible. Hence, since the evacuation no development advisor has been employed in Afghanistan. To enable the continuation of the programm, a team of Afghan national staff under the guidance of Obaidullah Tanha, an Afghan national in the position of a CPS programm coordinator (KOR) is implementing the programm.</p> <p>The security situation remains difficult. Still, due to signs of improvement in Afghanistan the BMZ has decided to consider the continuation of the programm beyond the current project phase that ends in December 2019. Another project phase between 2020 and 2022 is to be planned. Accordingly, an appraisal mission needs to be set up and undertaken.</p> <p> </p>