Gulbahar Invesment

<p>Gulbahar Investment is a non-political, Afghanistan owned and operated company which was established 2006 in order to serve in the fields of Contracting, Construction and Services. Gulbahar Investment has established to take part in the rebuilding process of Afghanistan. Gulbahar Investment is registered with the Ministry of Commerce of Afghanistan with valid registration number (32254).</p> <p>Gulbahar Investment is a part of Gulbahar Group of Companies. We are one of the leading real estate development and construction companies in Afghanistan, which focuses on the construction of Business Towers, Business Centers, Hotels with international standards,Residential apartments and contractual projects like villas and housing complexes. We have already constructed Gulbahar Center (Afghanistan) under the roof of Gulbahar Investment. The on-going big projects of Gulbahar Group in Afghanistan are Gulbahar Hotel, Gulbahar Towers, Gulbahar Plaza, Gulbahar Maina and Gulbahar Market.</p>