Milli Feed Mill

We have assembled an enthusiastic team of people to serve our customers, from office to sales and nutrition, to production, to distributor, to management, our people are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We continue to invest in new technologies and equipment required of a modern, progressive feed manufacturer, but it is the experience and talents of our people that it all work for you.

We always endeavor to meet the changing needs of our customers with innovative products and programs backed by quality and service.

Feeds are formulated by breed type to meet to meet performance and flock management goals. Freed        are carefully used for maximum bird growth and health and also meet customers’ requirements. New feeding programs are frequently tested in our modern Milli broiler farms. We process broiler starter crumbs, broiler grower pellets and broiler finisher pellets which are all available in 50kg net.

Layer feeds are formulated to meet your unique requirements for age, breed type, performance gaols and health management. Feed formulas creating value-added products and meeting specialty customer preferences are available. We process chick mash, growers mash and layers mash which are all available in 50kg net.

Cattle Hydroponically grown fodder is an extremely    effective feed supplement for cattle. With    grain corn and soybean, Milli Feed Systems allow cattle operations to produce healthy, fresh livestock feed with complete control over protein and essential nutrients levels. This lends to total control over meat or mil production and operational costs.

Milli Feed Mill Provides Best Quality for higher performance

Milli Feed Mill Provides high quality feed additives fr broiler, layer and cattle feed. (Amino Acids, Enzymes, Layer Premix, Broiler Premix, Cattle Premix, Soya Bean Meal, Bone Meal, Fish Meal)

Our technical service staff attends industry and professional trainings and conferences to stay abreast of the latest innovations for our customers. We provide technical advisory support to our customers in regard to their commercial poultry enterprises so they maximize their business profitability. We do this through farm visits and trainings.

Milli feed mill is a manufacturer of the high quality poultry feeds in Afghanistan. We are committed to using the latest animal nutrition technology and high quality ingredients to provide innovative products and services to help you meet the nutritional needs of your poultry at a reasonable cost.

Scope of Work:

The Admin/ Finance Officer reports to the Sr. Admin/Finance Manager and is responsible for preparing, financial statements, maintaining cash controls, preparing the payroll and maintaining accounts payable and Accounts Receivable. Finance Officer will provide financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports. He/ She will work closely with factory and provincial financial teams to implement necessary financial controls and required to manage financial activities effectively and efficiently throughout MFM. Management of Human resources both at Head office and factory is one of the major tasks to be accomplished in close coordination with the Sr. Administrative/Finance Manager. This position is also required to work closely with Program and Finance division for implementation and adoption of Administrative and HRM system smoothly.

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Location: Kabul City
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