New Afghanistan Women Association (NAWA) is an independent Non-Governmental non-profit non-political and non-sectarian organization (Afghan National NGO) created at the initiative of a group of Afghan Professionals in (1999)\r\nOrganization (NGO) registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan Under Registered Number of ( 458 ) and Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA)Under Registered Number of ( 147 ) UN Agencies and is an active member of Afghan Women Network (AWN). \r\n The NAWA organization exists to strives to save lives to promote human dignity and to expose and confront oppression. Promote women’s Youths and Children rights in Afghanistan and advocates for a positive social change women’s and Youths have access to justice and they are actively present in social economic and political spheres of Afghan society.\r\nNAWA approaches its organizational goals by advocating at the national level for policy change legislation and implementation of state laws and policies. NAWA undertakes advocacy together with other women rights ‘youths and Child Right focused NGOs and individual activists in order to ensure positive progress at the national level for development and enactment of laws and policies at all levels. Besides the organization works towards government institutions’ capacity building focusing on gender sensitization strengthening understanding of government official’s vis a vis women and Youths rights and helping them mainstream women’s Youths right in their official business. In addition NAWA works with the local communities and mobilizes them to support women equality and contribute towards promotion and protection of women’s and Children rights. Particularly the organization works with religious leaders and influential personalities of the communities and partners with them in order to use them as local champions for social change in favor of women and Children rights. Also NAWA focuses on developing the capacity of men in order to build their understanding of women and Children rights and turn them into women and Children rights champions advocating for women and Children rights. The main target group of NAWA is women youths and Children who are targeted for empowerment in order to help them recognize their human rights and help them access those rights.\r\nThese funds/contributions go to the following sectors:\r\n• Comprehensive aid development \r\n• Empowering the Afghan men and women through vocational training programs \r\n• Working for peace and human rights \r\n• Strengthening education amongst the people \r\n• Improving the status of health system within the country \r\n• Building the capacity of women through various developmental programs \r\n• Supporting Women’s Youths children’s rights and providing them with opportunity to improve \r\n• Efficient emergency assistance \r\n