Organisation for Policy Research and Development Studies

Organisation for Policy Research and Development Studies

DROPS is a Kabul-based, women-led, independent and multidisciplinary policy-oriented research committed to promoting democratic values by producing public policy research, building local capacities and advocating policy findings to bring about national and regional transformation.

The organization’s objective of strengthening democratic institutions and processes is not only reflected in the aspirations of the Afghan people but is also rooted in the Afghan Constitution and the commitments made by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan towards the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.

As an interdisciplinary and independent research-oriented non-governmental organization, DROPS goal is to facilitate and encourage Afghanistan’s transition to democratic governance through (i) policy-relevant research that provides information and makes available resources to decision-makers at the national and subnational levels, particularly the Upper and Lower Houses of the National Assembly; and (ii) increased women’s involvement in policy dialogue and research on a diverse range of issues in building democratic governance.

DROPS believe that a strong policy-oriented research institute is vital for advancing and shaping the governance agenda in States undergoing the transition from war to peace. By generating public policy research, building women’s capacities in conducting evidence-based research and advocating relevant research findings to policy actors, DROPS ensures that well-informed policy decisions are constructed and result in the betterment of both State and society.

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Location: Kabul City
email:mailto:[email protected]
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