Partners for Growth (PFGO) is a national non-profit non-governmental organization committed to improve livelihoods of communities across Afghanistan and aims to achieve livelihood improvements through effective programs of economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, and enabling platforms that will induce development and growth.  Our goal is to increase capacity of local population in managing productive assets, imparting economic independence for women, improving livelihoods and establishing institutional structures for communities that promotes participatory approach in development and planning at community level.  The target population of PFGO services are women, disadvantaged groups, and economically vulnerable segments of communities. 

PFGO has central motto of advancing rights of women and local population in engaging in economically productive programs and creating the right mix of mechanisms to support these goals. 

PFGO was established by committedAfghan intellectualswho strongly believein improving the livelihoods of Afghans and their economic conditions through meaningful, result-oriented and effective interventions in partnership with our key donors and partners.  

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