Polyrect Manpower Services (PMS)

Polyrect Manpower Services (License No. 49909), was established by a group of young Afghan entrepreneurs in 08/Oct/2018 in Kabul and is registered as Limited Liability Company (LLC) with General Directorate of Central Business Registry & Intellectual Property of Ministry of Commerce and Industries in Afghanistan.


PMS’s mission;

  1. Committed to our customers of both the job seekers and employer in a relentless drive to satisfy their need;
  2. Committed to be a dynamic “Value added” service provider – a friendly advisor of candidates and business partner of employer;
  3. Strive to be the market leader in service innovation and to extend this spirit of innovation into every facet of our agency;

Our services cover areas such as; Training and Recruitment for Education, Essential Care, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Agriculture, and Mining Industries. Besides doing business, Polyrect Manpower Services will at all times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability and transparency, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices and encouraging transparency across Afghanistan and beyond.


Job Summary :

PMS is looking for applicants for the position of Mathematics Tutor. The Mathematics Tutor is responsible for providing academic and advanced tutoring services, guiding students with homework, problem solving and test preparation. Providing quality instruction of Mathematics and Geometry subjects taught under Cambridge/Oxford curricula in private schools.  The applicant should also possess advanced skills in English Language and expected to demonstrate these skills while providing tutoring services to families. She is required to work 6 days a week and provide tutoring services in different localities of Kabul.



Relation: Polyrect Manpower Services (PMS)
Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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