SARCHINA Consulting Services

SARCHINA Consulting Services is an industry leader at providing business consulting services in Afghanistan. We are an Afghan firm operating in partnership with Galaxy International Transit & Forwarding, Galaxy Logistics, Solar & Power Energy Ltd. and Galaxy IT Solutions as a group of companies. We have remained in business for 7 years and our experts evaluate your business problems and needs to respond with brilliant solutions. Our main area of expertise is in business development and business plans, strategies, execution and services that empowers individuals, businesses and organizations. We have mapped our way for the success of others, and we deliver what we accept to do with complete commitment and responsibility. Do you think your problem is very complicated? We will work together with you to come up with a practical strategy and criteria that makes things easier and workable. Our main goal is to provide training to Afghan work force for taking business to a new level in Afghanistan, helping them with branding, building straight forward marketing strategies, evaluations and future goals. We understand the conditions of Afghanistan very well and adopt ourselves in a manner that your individual, business or organizational needs are completed. We continue growing every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many professional services such as business consultation, marketing, graphics and design, content writing, web design and applications.

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Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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