How far we have come… In Eight years we have grown from Television to building a Media Network, encompassing a Radio and Web presence. With extensive experience in Media – Radio and Television production, Live Telecasts, News and Current Affairs programming, Film and dramas production, dubbing and various post-production services and broadcasting.

Based on the Broadcast and Intelligence Research in Afghanistan by the corporate research firm In Tune Broadcast and Media Intelligence, Shamshad TV has become one of the most popular Afghan TV channels among commercial clients due to its reach among audiences across all provinces, despite ethnic differences. We have one of the highest shares of TV advertising spots from Telecom and FMCG clients, because of our popularity and viewership rates. Shamshad Radio, the latest addition to our media network, is one of the top three radio channels in Afghanistan.

With a state of the art studio facility for production of all television and radio programming, Documentary Films, Feature Films, ad- Films, Television Dramas, Music Videos, News and Current Affairs Programming, we have all that it takes to fulfil our Client’s Media and Communication needs.  We also boast full field capacity in Mobile Cinema and off site broadcasts.

Since 2006, SRTN has been the representative of the voices of the Pashtun community throughout Afghanistan but more so in the Eastern and Southern and South West strongholds. The main goal of SRTN, through its programming was to provide a forum for balanced and rational discussions, debates and dialogues for the Pashtun community in an effort to reach out to them, streamline them to the mainstream so that they do not feel neglected or marginalized, and most importantly, to neutralize extremist voices attempting to rally support in the Pashtun-dominated provinces.

Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected]
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