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Stark Telecom is one of the very few companies that provide World-class Communication Networking Satellite-Related Services, Fixed Wireless Internet and Intranet services. 
Stark telecom is a company delivering the latest technology with the superior high-quality equipment and services in Telecom/ Satellite section. As we are dynamic and growing company, providing worldwide outsource support to the telecommunications industry bringing leading products and services to the customers with very competitive prices. 
We will pursue quality in out endeavor in providing innovation in the application of new and diversified technologies toward customer satisfaction. We are headquartered in Kabul with extensive networks of operations throughout the country. Stark telecom would provide various, robust and excellent ideas. Products, services, and solutions, in a more creative, dedicated and innovative manner. 
With extensive experience in the telecommunications field, Stark telecom provides necessary assistance and client support at all stages of the planning, setup, and operation of satellite and Wireless Internet service.
One of the main necessities of large organizations is the high speed and quality Internet connectivity as it founds the milestone for the modern way of doing business. 
Wireless system is nowadays proving to be the predominant access to the World Wide Web as it brings convenience to the service users. 
Stark Telecom Suppor.
Our friendly 24/7 Level One (Online) and Level Two onsite support provides all the support services as required. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) provides round the clock proactive monitoring, fault reporting and all technical support to its customers including IT Support to SOHO & SME.

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Location: Kabul City
email:[email protected] / [email protected]
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