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Afghan Bureau for Reconstruction (ABR) is a non-profit non political and non governmental independent organization established in 1992 to take part in rehabilitation reconstruction and development of the war torn Afghanistan.\r\nThe organization’s objectives are to take part in rehabilitation and development of socio-economic infrastructures of the country and to serve the people through implementing projects and programs in different sectors.\r\nABR has implemented a significant number of projects in almost all the five regions of Afghanistan.\r\nABR has been implementing partner with United Nations High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) World Food Programme (WFP) United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) Relief International (RI) (InterSOS) Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF)/World Bank (WB) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) CARE Afghanistan and different ministries of Afghan Government.\r\nThe organization is registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan and Afghan NGO’s Coordination Bureau (ANCB) as well as with different donors.\r\n
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