Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation and Development..

Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation and Development (AWARD) Emplyoees

Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation and Development (AWARD) is an Afghan Non- Governmental, Non-Political and not for Profit Organization dedicated to the Social, Civic and Economic integration of Afghan women, youth, person with disabilities and other vulnerable and marginalized population in Afghanistan. The Organization established in 1995 with the primary aim to provide basic humanitarian assistance to Internally Displaced People (IDPs), those who were imposed to leave their homes in result of internal war. As of its establishment at 1995 up to 2005 its essential focus paid to provide a basic support of food, drinking water and emergency medical support to IDPs and women led families as well as establishment of vocational training centers of Carpet weaving, Tailoring, Jam and pickle making to respond their daily basic needs. After its formal registration at Oct 13,2005 with the Ministry of Economy under license No. 97 , AWARD expanded its scope of work to other rehabilitative and developmental activities such as awareness raising at the aspects of gender, and legal rights, advocacy for human right, peace culture inspiration, conflict resolution trainings, literacy and numeracy, civic education, hygiene and health education, reintegration of returnees and IDPs at their communities for the aim of better help the depressed Afghan community at their legal, social and economic prospect.

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