Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment (BCCI) and Road to..

Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment (BCCI) and Road to Jobs Project of International Labour Org Emplyoees

Road to Jobs (R2J) is a four-year project that aims to create more and better jobs in Samangan and Balkh provinces of northern Afghanistan connected to the major urban centre of Mazar-i-Sharif. The project follows a market systems approach to address important underlying constraints inhibiting better employment and income creation, which in turn contribute to improving livelihoods and poverty reduction. R2J targets poor and vulnerable rural households and income earners who work either in rural communities, urban centres or major centres of employment in both provinces.

The overall objective of Road to Jobs (R2J) is to promote decent work, create better jobs and develop sustainable businesses that will promote equal participation of men and women in both rural and urban market systems in Balkh and Samangan provinces.

The ILO Roads to Jobs project in Afghanistan is considering building capacities of local business training and consulting services providers in the area of business coaching.

The ultimate goal of this intervention is to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of businesses through market-driven business coaching services Following are the expected outputs of the training.

Provision of business coaching to entrepreneurs and business owners with an aim to support their further development, growth and risk management strategies;
This ultimately should contribute to sustainability of businesses and enterprises that the consultants are supporting

The course will target trainers, business coaches and consultants, including freelance, private sector and institutional representatives.

The course will take place in Mazar-e-Sharif and will be implemented jointly by the ITC ILO and ILO in cooperation with Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investments (BCCI).

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