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It Professional Services

We have earned a 789th position on the prestigious 2015 Inc 5000 list. Our major capabilities include IT Professional Services Data Protection Services and Enterprise Application Services. We always like to keep our ears schedules and doors open to our customers.\r\n

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Tamadon ASSR Consulting Company

TAAER – CSC is established in 2021 focusing the facilitation acceleration mobilization and development activities placed in the region by Afghanistan government UN agencies Donors NGOs private sectors and other stakeholders of Afghanistan in regional national and international levels. In other words the main purpose of the company is to assist and create an environment for the government and other entities to boost their activities and projects in Afghanistan the best way possible in delivering better services to the community.

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Brada International

Who We Are?\r\nThe first adventure of company started in 1964 in Konya Turkey.\r\nWe never compromise the safety and quality of our products by producing high-quality products in line with our laws and business ethics principles.\r\nWhile we are growing our company we are not just making plans for today. We aim to protect the environment and humanity by creating a positive social impact in order to offer healthy and safe food products to the generations of tomorrow.\r\nWith the fact that we are part of the human-nature whole; We continue to produce sustainable products with our collaborators that protect the environment and natural resources.\r\nWe supply the raw materials we use in our products to protect the world´s resources. We treat people fairly and respect their rights. For this reason we create benefits for our employees suppliers and society. We produce added value for our country by doing useful works and proudly represent our country which is a part of the developing and changing world.\r\n\r\nWhat We Do?\r\nWe combined the pure blessings of nature with the possibilities of technology limited to dreams for happy and healthy faces only.\r\nWe have products almost all kind of cereals especially; corn wheat barley and soy for more than 50 years.

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Diplom Cargo Company is a transit company that import goods from Turkey China India Dubai and all around Europe in Afghanistan.

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Hawk Vision Afghanistan

<strong><h2>Who We Are!</h2></strong><br>Hawk Vision is an ISO: 2015 certified consultancy and engineering firm providing wide-range consulting and engineering services to clients in Afghanistan and Asia. As a leading professional service provider Hawk Vision has been engaged in provision of multi-sector services i.e. Business Consulting Engineering (Civil Electrical & Mechanical) Mass Media & Communication Management Information System Agriculture Rural Development Women Empowerment Survey & Research Capacity Building & Training and Monitoring & Evaluation. <br><br>Hawk Vision an established organization with years of experience in most challenging and competitive environments in Afghanistan and Asia handles and manage all facets of consultancy and engineering projects from design to implementation on the job site and to outcome evaluation and acquisition. We refer to this model as Building for &acute;E.F.F.E.C.T.&acute; what is EFFECT Efficient Fast Forward-Thinking Engineered Committed Team This proven methodology ensures timely safe and definite completion; meeting all environmental and situational challenges. <br><br>In an unstable world where conflict is inevitable who is willing to pick up the pieces and help a nation get back on its feet? The Professional committed and determined team of Hawk Vision does so. When a nation has the manpower to dust itself off and rebuild an infrastructure capable of sustaining growth and prosperity but lacks the professional know how to set the gears of change in motion who can they turn to? Hawk Vision will be there to help.<br><br> <br>Hawk Vision’s team structure is comprised of handpicked individuals who possess scores of skills and experiences. From our management experts to our project personnel to the country’s finest individuals Hawk Vision executives endow the organization with the practical “know-how” and organizational knowledge to guide the vision of the company. With the additional resources of special-consultation and professional experts you are guaranteed that we are the best possible solution to your immediate and long-term service needs. <br><br>We will implement your vision through our systems to achieve both the short term and long-term goals. In fact we are focused on managing all aspects of your projects even in the most hazardous environments. Hawk Vision has a strong presence and coverage all over the country with different offices in major cities. We serve both national and international clients in the public and private sectors. <br>

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Turquoise Mountain

<p> <span style=&acute;background-color: transparent;&acute;>Turquoise Mountain is a non-profit non-governmental organization specializing in urban regeneration business development and education in traditional arts and architecture. We seek to provide jobs skills and a renewed sense of national pride to Afghan men and women. Since 2006 Turquoise Mountain has cleared 30 000 cubic meters of rubbish from the streets restored 112 historic and community buildings created a primary school and a clinic and installed water electricity and sanitation through the historic traditional craft neighborhood of Murad Khani in the old city of Kabul. It has created the internationally-accredited Institute for Afghan Arts & Architecture training the next generation of craftsmen and women in woodwork jewelry and gem cutting calligraphy and miniature painting and ceramics. Finally it has sold over US$ 3 500 000 of Afghan artisan products internationally. </span></p>