BamikasoftBamikasoft is one of the most experienced and trustable IT services provider in Afghanistan. Our services are affordable for all governmental and non-governmental organizations\r\n\r\nWe are proud to be one of the most leading company in Afghanistan that supplies both governmental and non-governmental organizations with IT equipment. We play a leading role in supplying desktops laptops printers scanners cables and networking tools. The quality of our tools we supply and guarantees we give are what make us unique reliable and trustworthy.\r\n\r\nWe will be professionally leading your project to achieve your objectives as well as giving you guarantees to after –sales support...


Black Script

Black Script is a Software Engineering and Development firm formed as a Limited Liability Company in Afghanistan where it provides mainly development of Management Information Systems (MIS) for web desktop and mobile platforms web design and development maintenance and re-engineering of developed software and development of standalone desktop and mobile apps. What makes our services unique is that we develop systems according standards better security measures and good design which makes our products more user-friendly and customer-satisfied. Difference between us and other companies is that we are not only developing software we do engineering on it to make it have better performance and..



axcergarTechnologies is the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) & Information & Communications (ICT) Enterprise in Afghanistan with its Corporate Office in Kabul. axcergar Technologies is 100% Afghan owned and is the only company in Afghanistan to have a Woman as a member of our Board of Directors. axcergarTechnologies nation-wide network and operations are managed by a team of over 250 experienced  

Private Company / Technology | Kabul City, Kabul, Afghanistan
bootsnipp Website is public website to serve everyone (focused Afghanistan Currently) Developed with Ooyta Development Engine. to Test Implement and Serve Services for Developers.Sections Currently Have1. Job Portal2. File Management3. Directory (Business) 4. Directory (Website)5. Resume (CV bank and Generator)6. Quotes (Notes Quotes Articles)7. Online Advertisement System (currently Inactive)8. Kankor Result and Data9. Date Converter and Time Tools

Private Company / Technology | Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan Wireless Communication Company

Afghan Wireless is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company. When we began operations in 2002 we founded Afghanistan’s mobile communications industry by being the first enterprise to offer cell phone service to Afghan consumers and businesses. For well over a decade Afghan Wireless has driven the rapid growth of our nation’s communications market through its innovative development and deployment of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications Internet Data and Mobile Payments Services. More than 6 000 people work for Afghan Wireless and our Company is directly responsible for the creation of 100 000 jobs throughout Afghanistan.Our Company was founded in 2002 by..



AWCC is the first and biggest GSM Operator of Afghanistan. For more info please visit: