Palxa MCS

PALXA is a business consulting company registered in India since 2011 where its local branch is registered in Afghanistan that focus on empowering unique business solutions for growing and emerging market sectors. PALXA is swiftly expanding its network to achieve its wider goals and objectives through serving its clients.


شرکت تولید صنایع دستی جامه ثاقب

هنر کده نفیس


Afghanistan Global Link and Analysis Hub (AGAH)

Afghanistan Global Link and Analysis Hub (AGAH) is seeking an outlet for the sweeping dilemma affecting the communities.  AGAH believe to intervene and play vital role to revamp the status quo and come up with alternative for positive changes. With strategic plans and targeted areas AGAH intends to touch and work in the entire sectors that affect directly or indirectly on the public life and development processes. Considering the facts AGAH is committed to improve the media and social media atmosphere rigorously monitor the public-government ties evaluate the services delivery and collect information on the public grievance management system provide strategic advices for the government..

Community / Development‎ community | Kabul City, Kabul, Afghanistan