Rokhan Group (Rokhan Institute of Higher Education JalalAbad) logo

Rokhan Group (Rokhan Institute of Higher Education JalalAbad)

<p>Rokhan Group is a leading group in Medical Sector Including Medical Universities, Hospitals, Schools and Construction Companies in different cities of Afghanistan.</p> <p> </p> <p>About Rokhan Institute of Higher Education JalalAbad.</p> <p>Considering the present situation of Afghanistan and keeping in mind the role of education and the millennium development goals (MDGs) and in the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS), education is one of the most important goals of the government Islamic republic of Afghanistan (GIRA) in private and public sector. In response to the increasingly rising demand for high quality education in Afghanistan, and the development and delivery of capacity building and enhancement courses for different entities, RIHE became operational in 2012 as a private higher education institution for cultivating high quality education</p>

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Asian University for Women

<p>Asian University for Women (AUW) seeks individual to serve as AUW Country Coordinator (CC) appointments beginning December 01 and ending on August 31, 2019 the following year. CCs will assist the Director of Admissions in recruiting promising and qualified students from the Target Country for admission to Pre Access and Access Academy program.</p>

University of Central Asia logo

University of Central Asia

<p>University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000 by the governments of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, and His Highness the Aga Khan, and is the worlds first internationally chartered institution of higher education. UCA was created to offer an internationally recognized standard of higher education in Central Asia and create knowledgeable, skilled and creative graduates who will contribute leadership, ideas and innovations to the transitioning economies and communities of the region. The mission of UCA is to promote the socio-economic development of Central Asias mountain societies, while at the same time helping the diverse peoples of the region to preserve and draw upon their rich cultural traditions and heritages as assets for the future. UCA operates within a framework of values that espouses academic excellence, individual rights and security, responsibility to community and public service, and is committed to ethical and transparent practices</p> <p>The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) was founded in 2006 and offers a continuous and professional non-tertiary education for young people and adults in a flexible format. SPCE’s Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme promotes employment opportunities. Programmes and courses on business and entrepreneurship allow graduates to create a source of income for themselves and launch their own enterprise. SPCE works in Afghanistan from 2010 and has its four centers in Badakhshan province and project in other provinces of Afghanistan.   </p>

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Kardan International School (KIS)

<p>Kardan represents the most recognizable brand in the education sector in Afghanistan with over a decade of experience in providing primary, secondary, and post-secondary education services. With a focus on innovation and renewal, Kardan has been at the forefront of a vigorous drive to enhance the quality of education offered in the country. Kardan University is considered the leading university in Afghanistan with accredited education programs, partnerships and affiliations with Universities around the world.</p> <p>Furthermore, Kardan currently provides primary, secondary, and pre-school education services in Kabul city. With over 1850 current students, Kardan’s primary and secondary schools are market leaders and the trusted education partners of parents. Kardan’s cumulative experience and expertise renders the organization uniquely positioned to provide international standard primary and secondary education in the country.</p>

Afghan Pamir  Institute of Higher Education logo

Afghan Pamir Institute of Higher Education

<p style="text-align:right;">موسسه تحصیلات عالی خصوصی  افغان پامیر یکی از موسسات خصوصی تحصیلات عالی کشور بوده که به تاریخ  1394/03/31 با وزارت محترم تحصیلات عالی ثبت و راجستر بوده و با داشتن پوهنحی های ستوماتولوژی , حقوق و علوم سیاسی و قابلگی عالی در عرصه تحصیلی باکیفیت در سطح کشور مصروف فعالیت است ..</p>

TCA (The Creatives Academy) logo

TCA (The Creatives Academy)

<p>TCA is a newly established Private language school and research Centre, for students whose primary educational focus is learning quality English Language in a friendly Environment.</p> <p>TCA’s courses are designed to have an impact on the present and future life of the learners in an international environment. Our unique program has complementary elements that give learners the tools they need to operate confidently and successfully when using English as an international language.</p> <p>The Skills Training session provides the practice that students need according to their study goals, such as pronunciation, business English or study skills.</p> <p>The Accuracy in Grammar session perfects core grammar skills and works on the eradication of common errors.</p> <p>The Knowledge for a Global Community class is at the Centre of the course. Through individual and team- based students will work on a broad range of historical, economic, sociological, artistic and cultural topics designed to equip them with the knowledge to function more effectively in the global community. Students present their findings in a range of debates, presentations, and pair and group work activities.</p> <p>During the sessions students will develop their listening, speaking reading, writing and study skills in English.</p> <p>In the Spoken Performance Workshops, the learner develops confidence and skills in a range of speaking situations through mini role-plays, presentations and public speaking activities.</p>

Bayazid Rokhan Institute of Higher Education logo

Bayazid Rokhan Institute of Higher Education

<p style="text-align:right;">مؤسسه تحصیلات عالی بایزید روښان یکی از مؤسسات خصوصی کشور بوده که به تایخ ۱۳۹۴/۱۲/۲۴ به شماره ثبت (۱۱۲۱) و شماره مسلسل (۱۲۲) با وزارت محترم تحصیلات عالی ثبت و راجستر بوده و با داشتن پوهنځی های حقوق و علوم سیاسی، طب معالجوی و ستوماتولوژی، در تعامل پویا و سازنده با سایر مراکز علمی - تحصیلی کشور متعهد به عرضه خدمات آموزشی و تولید علم برای همه اقشار جامعه بخصوص قشر جوان میباشد.</p> <p style="text-align:right;">این مؤسسه به عنوان یک نهاد معتبر تحصیلی در عرصه تدریس و تحقیق باکیفیت در سطح کشور مصروف فعالیت ها بوده و جهت تربیه سالم افراد این جامعه مشغول انجام خدمات تحصیلی و تحقیقی معیاری است.</p>

The Online Trading Academy logo

The Online Trading Academy

<p>The Online Trading Academy is a professional institution to support the training needs on financial markets for the people of Afghanistan. The academy provides the best in class training for trading in various financial instruments like stocks, indices, bonds, futures, options etc. across currency (FOREX), Commodity (Bullion like metals, gold etc.) and securities market (Equity).<br /> The Academy imparts education to students, professionals and various other market participants on how to trade (buy and sell) in world financial markets for income and wealth creation. Training is provided for both theoretical understanding, and in practical application (on livestock markets)</p>

TOLO-E-AFTAB UNIVERSITY  پوهنتون طلوع آفتاب logo

TOLO-E-AFTAB UNIVERSITY پوهنتون طلوع آفتاب

<p>In the year 2005 Mr. Ghulam Rasoul Nabizada has taken an initiative to establish the very first private school in Afghanistan by the name of Tolo-e-Aftab. Considering the huge success in the school M.G. R. Nabizada the visionary has planned to establish a higher education institute which was registered in the year 2007 to offer 2 years degree courses in the various fields, but the dream was to establish an institute to be able to offer bachelor degrees. Finally in the year 2008 Tolo-e- Aftab Institute of Higher Education was registered with Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan after compliance with all standards and norms required by Ministry of Higher Education. </p> <p> </p>

Usman Waris High School logo

Usman Waris High School

<p>Usman High school has been providing educational service to afghan children since 2006, we have been well known school at district 10th   our goal is to provide modern, effective and standardized method of learning to the generation that they could serve and lead in professional ways in the future .  </p>