Mohib Hospital logo

Mohib Hospital

<p><em>Mohib Hospital established on 1390 in Spin boldak Kandahar and 10 beds curative private hospital.</em><br />&nbsp;</p>

Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic logo

Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic

<p>Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic (FFHC) is a nongovernmental, non-political, non-for-profit clinic founded in 2008. Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic is registered with the Ministry of Public Health and provides health services through the following sections:<br />Reception sections with patient&rsquo;s registration database and patient&rsquo;s file system services, Nursing services, Emergency services, Pediatric OPD, Family medicine &nbsp;OPDs, Internal medicine &nbsp;OPDs, Obgyn OPD, TB Section, Pharmacy section, Vaccines services and a very well equipped Laboratory.<br />FFHC provides free health services for Ante natal care, Postnatal care, Neonatal care Family planning, War victims , TB case detection and treatment, vaccines and provides free of Charge(charitable) services to the poor people of the community.</p>

Afshar Hospital logo

Afshar Hospital

<p>Background<br />Afshar Hospital is a non-profit, non-governmental, with charity organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and medical relief programs. It is a 100-bed general hospital located in Omid Sabz Township-Darulaman established in Mar 2009 by non-governmental organization AMOR-AHO (American Medical Overseas Relief and Afghan Health Organization), which provide all health services that a well established and well managed hospital must provide along with health educational programs and village clinic Ante-partum, post-partum and<br />Neo-natal care.<br />&nbsp;</p>

SAMI Hospital Int. Kabul Branch logo

SAMI Hospital Int. Kabul Branch

<p>Background<br />SAMI Hospitals is a private firm working in some asian countreis SAMI hospital kabul branch is a multi-specialty private hospital located in district #5th Kabul city, The hospital is well equipped &amp; Provides the highest level of medical and surgical services for both adults and children.<br />The hospital requires Medical officers for different specialties like ultrasonology, medical and surgical disciplines.&nbsp;</p>

Aria City Kabul Hospital logo

Aria City Kabul Hospital

<p style="text-align: right;">Background<br /><strong>شفاخانه آریا سیتی کابل </strong><br />از جمله شفاخانه های خصوصی شهر کابل بوده که از مدت هفت سال بدینسو در عرصه خدمات طبی فعالیت دارد . همچنان این شفاخانه در جمع شفاخانه های درجه اول خصوصی کابل بوده که از طرف وزارت صحت عامه ارزیابی گردیده است . این شفاخانه در بخش های داخله عمومی و قلبی ، داخله اطفال و نوزادان ، نسایی ولادی ، جراحی عمومی و یورولوژی ، اورتوپیدی ، جراحی پلاستیک و زیبایی ، چشم ، گوش وگلو، جلدی &nbsp;، داشتن چندین عملیاتخانه های ولادی نسایی و جراحی عمومی ، جراحی چشم ، جراحی پلاستیک ، اتاق های بستر مفشن ( یک نفری و عمومی ) اتاق عاجل ، شعبه واکسین رایگان ، امبولانس مجهز با وسایل طبی&nbsp; بطور 24 ساعته .<br />، بخش تشخیصیه شفاخانه آریا سیتی کابل شامل : لابراتوار مجهز با وسایل و ماشین الات مدرن روز ، ستی سکن ، مموگرافی ، دیجیتل اکسری ، <span dir="LTR">OPG</span> دندان (اکسری مکمل دندانها) ، ایکوکاردیوگرافی ، التراسونوگرافی ، <span dir="LTR">ECG</span> ، <span dir="LTR">CTG</span> ( گراف قلب جنین )<br />آدرس : کابل افغانستان چهاراهی سرسبزی جوار هوتل شام پاریس<br />فون : 0777757501 ،<br />ایمیل : <span dir="LTR">[email protected]</span><br />&nbsp;</p>

IAM/ Mazar NOOR Eye Hospital logo

IAM/ Mazar NOOR Eye Hospital

<span dir="LTR">The International Assistance Mission (IAM) is an International Non-Government Organization registered in Switzerland (registration #CH-660-1239000-6) and Afghanistan (registration #001). IAM is one of the oldest NGOs in Afghanistan. IAM&rsquo;s mission is to serve the people of Afghanistan through capacity building in the sectors of health and economic development.</span><br />IAM established the NOOR (National Organisation for Ophthalmic Rehabilitiaton) Eye Care Programme in 1966 with the goal of providing high quality and affordable access to eye care to the people of Afghanistan.<br />&nbsp;<br />The International Assistance Mission (IAM) is serving the people of Afghanistan through capacity building in the sectors of Health and Economical Development.<br />&nbsp;<br />Mazar NOOR Eye Hospital located in Mazar I sharif is a project of IAM/NOOR Eye Care Programme which provides affordable eye care service for the people of Afghanistan since 1994.